Awards & achievements

This podcast started as Educational Innovation Project (€13,6t; 2021-2022) awarded to our team member Jana Vietze and funded by the Community for Learning and Innovation (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

We are proud to share that the (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast received the 1st prize of the CIDER public science award 2022, awarded to our team member Miriam Schwarzenthal. CIDER is an interdisciplinary network of post-doctoral educational researchers, a joint initiative of Leibnitz Bildung and Jacobs Foundation.

Furthermore, Jana Vietze has been awarded a two-year research fellowship (€50t; 2023-2024) by the Community for Learning and Innovation (Erasmus University Rotterdam) for the Identity Podcast Project. In this project, she will measure the effectiveness of using the teacher-generated (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast versus student-generated podcasting in higher education for students’ social identity salience, motivation, well-being, and belonging to the university and future work field.

Also, we received a Healthy Start-ers Fund – Education (€10,7t; 2023) to create the Dutch-language spin-off (Re)Searching a Healthy Start.

As of September 2023, the (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast has been downloaded more than 4,800 times, reaching listeners in 61 countries across the globe.

Media coverage

Bergische Universität Wuppertal press release (November 10, 2022). “(Re)searching Diversity Podcast mit CIDER Public Science Award ausgezeichnet”.

IKG blog post (November 17, 2022). “Researching Diversity Podcast receives 1st prize of the CIDER public science award”.

Erasmus University Rotterdam press release (October 28, 2022). “(Re)Searching Diversity: the podcast that gives a voice to inspiring social scientists”.