Increase visibility of inspiring social scientists and of excellent research about ethnic, cultural, and migration-related diversity.

photo © Lars Drawert
Coming up: In our first episode, we talk to Linda Juang about racial-ethnic socialization, addressing racism in school, and the potential of (academic) mentors for underrepresented groups in higher education.

Hosts: Miriam Schwarzenthal & Jana Vietze
photo © Bielefeld University
Coming up: In our second episode, we learn from Yudit Namer about immigration, othering and health, and about being a scholar at risk.

Hosts: Tuğçe Aral & Zeynep Demir
Coming up: In our third episode, we talk to Tendai Chitewere about inclusion, environmental justice, and the chances and challenges for educators of color.

Hosts: Sharleen Pevec & Miriam Schwarzenthal
Coming up: In our fourth episode, we talk to Moin Syed about identity narratives, mixed-methods, and open science practices.

Hosts: Miriam Schwarzenthal & Jana Vietze
Coming up: In our fifth episode, Marta Miklikowska addresses prejudice and intergroup-contact in schools, empathy, and women in social science.

Hosts: Tuğçe Aral & Jana Vietze
Coming up: In our sixth episode, Mehmet Day discusses combining multiple cultural identities and about the link between research and practice.

Hosts: Sabrina Alhanachi & Jana Vietze