Tendai Chitewere: Environmental justice || Proactive inclusion

In this episode, we talk to Tendai Chitewere who is an Associate Professor of Geography and Environment at San Francisco State University (U.S.) and a visiting professor in the department of Inclusive Education at the University of Potsdam (Germany). Our main topics are proactive inclusion, environmental justice, and the chances and challenges for educators of color.

PAST (00:02:20): We learn about Tendai’s fascinating academic journey from studying water resources/hydrology to addressing social and environmental justice in broadly defined environments, including schools.
PRESENT (00:12:15): We discuss an inspiring research article by Taylor, Paul, & McCoy (2019) about structures of exclusion and inequality in environmental organizations.
FUTURE (00:31:35): Tendai elaborates on the concept of proactive inclusion and how communities and schools can create an environment for valuing race and ethnicity.

Full references of this episode’s article:

Taylor, D. E., Paul, S., & McCoy, E. (2019). Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Salience of Publicly Disclosing Demographic Data in American Environmental Nonprofits. Sustainability, 11(19), 5491.