Episodes – Season 3

We’re existed to announce the guests for our upcoming season: Laura Taylor (Assistant Professor, University College Dublin, Ireland), Tabea Hässler (Senior research associate, University of Zurich, Switzerland), Lisa Spanierman (Professor at Arizona State University, U.S.), Elisabeth Kaneza (University of Potsdam & DeZIM-Institut, Germany), and more.

Art work (c) zeythehuman

In this episode, we talk to Laura Taylor about children’s peace building and non-violent conflicts (PAST), an insightful research article on the role of young and highly educated people in non-violent protests of the past (PRESENT), and the the importance of and strategies for a balance between career and life (FUTURE).

Hosts: Sharleen Pevec & Jana Vietze
In this episode, we talk to Tabea Hässler about being an activist against racism and homophobia at an early age (PAST), how positive intergroup contact can actually weaken the willingness to engage in social change (PRESENT), and how working conditions for early career scholars need to become more healthy and secure (FUTURE).

Hosts: Tuğçe Aral & Miriam Schwarzenthal
Coming soon: Our episode with Lisa Spanierman
Coming soon: Our episode with Elisabeth Kaneza

Stay tuned and talk soon!